Thornton’s Pawn Shop in Athens, Georgia

If you live in the area and are looking to sell your items for cash, consider going to a pawn shop. Thornton’s Pawn Shop is a full-service facility that conducts business in English. They offer a variety of services including financial services and gemological testing. You can expect to get the best prices for items like jewelry, coins, and TVs. They also have a large selection of tools, hunting and sports equipment, musical instruments, and stage lights.

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Police in Thornton Heights, Georgia, are offering a $10,000 reward for the return of guns stolen from the Jumping Jack Cash pawn shop. The shop, located at 8851 Washington Street, was broken into early Tuesday morning. Police are still sorting through the inventory and have released photos of one suspect caught on camera.

Jimi’s Trading Center has moved to South Portland from Congress Street. It previously operated at the same location for 13 years on Congress Street in Portland. The new location successfully transferred its federal firearms license from the former Portland location. The South Portland location is now licensed to sell firearms, too.

A recent investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) revealed the sale of over 900 guns, including six used in homicides and four used in robberies. The ATF also traced dozens of guns to pawn shop customers who were involved in other crimes, including weapons offenses and prohibited person possession cases. During an undercover investigation from October to December, agents from the ATF traced over 170 guns to the pawn shop. Most of these guns were purchased by “straw purchasers,” or those who had a previous connection to criminal activity.

Pawn shop

Thornton’s Pawn Shop is a local pawn shop that offers a wide range of services for its customers. With its convenient location at 2830 Lexington Rd in Athens, Georgia, this business is an excellent place to get some cash for your unwanted items. This location offers both delivery and in-store shopping options.

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Thornton’s Pawn Shop in Athens, Georgia
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