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If you’re thinking about pawning your gold and silver, you’ve probably heard of the Mister Money pawn shop in Loveland, Colorado. However, it’s also important to be aware of a scam that has swept through Northern Colorado. This is the “fake gold” scam, and you’ll want to avoid getting ripped off.

Location of mister money pawn shop in Loveland, Colorado

Mister Money pawn shop is a pawn shop that can help you sell your old and unwanted items. They offer a wide selection of used and new items, including sporting goods, electronics, tools, and musical instruments. They can also help you get cash advances on your personal checks. You must have a personal checking account and be employed, and you must have proof of identity and employment.

Owner of pawn shop

Mister Money, a chain of 24 pawn shops in four states, is getting bought out by First Cash Financial Services Inc. The move will strengthen the company’s presence in the Midwest. The company plans to double its existing credit facility to $100 million to finance the purchase. As of Friday, the company had about $75 million outstanding on the credit facility. The company also plans to take on additional borrowings for the acquisition.

The pawn shop is in a busy commercial district just off Interstate 29 in Fargo. On June 10, a suspect robbed Mister Money while the owner was inside. Video footage from across the street shows an employee running out of Mister Money’s front door as the suspect escaped. Police are investigating the incident.

The pawnshop’s history stretches back to the Roman Empire. While the modern-day pawnshop does not have the same prestigious status as a bank, the concept is similar. Some pawnbrokers even have the look of a bank branch. Despite this, some pawn shops are notorious for ripping off poor, low-income people.

Criminal charges against robbery suspect

The owner of a Fargo pawn shop is planning to file criminal charges against a man accused of robbing the store earlier this month. In a video taken from across the street, the employee can be seen firing his handgun at the fleeing robber’s vehicle. The video shows at least seven shots being fired.

The suspect, who has not been identified, is believed to have robbed the store on Monday. The NYPD has released surveillance images and a video of the incident. The suspect was spotted entering the store and attempting to steal jewelry and watches from behind the counter. He struck the victim several times, according to the video.

Police say the suspect was armed and pulled a gun during the robbery. He had several other pending charges in Wake County, including charges of larceny and possession of stolen goods. The other three suspects were not charged due to their age.

The suspect, who allegedly stole designer goods from the pawn shop, owned several pawn shops in Manhattan. He also allegedly recruited employees to steal the items and then sell them on eBay. The ringleader of the robbery ring reportedly made millions from selling stolen items. The suspect is now charged with enterprise corruption, money laundering, and other crimes. He instructed his underlings to target retailers such as CVS and Neiman Marcus. He also directed his employees to steal beauty products from companies such as Revlon and Burlon.

A black male entered the store and demanded money from the counter. He also threatened to shoot the store clerk and fled on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash. The suspect was identified by multiple tips and was later arrested. Currently, the suspect remains in jail.

Fake gold scam at Mister Money pawn shop

A pawn shop owner in Greeley is warning customers about a fake gold scam. The pawn shop owner, Moris Adato, says he turns away customers for selling fake gold at least three to four times a week. The scam targets small business owners looking to make payroll.

Fake gold is valued between $200 and $300 per ounce, which makes it an easy way to cash in on an asset. In northern Colorado, where gold is a hot commodity, it’s not a surprise to see an uptick in these pawn shop scams. One or two of these items has arrived at the pawn shop every day in the last week. The scam is almost always the same.

The scam starts in the parking lot, where the scammer approaches a victim with a heartbreaking story. The unsuspecting person then brings the gold necklace to the pawn shop, where the pawn shop learns that it’s fake. The real thing, however, is a gold chain necklace, which costs thousands of dollars.

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