M37 Auction

M37Auction is a locally owned and operated auction house with consignment auctions held online every other Tuesday. You can drop off your consignments during open hours or arrange a pick-up if you are selling an estate or liquidating a business. In addition to auction services, M37Auction is a UHaul dealer, meaning that they will pick up your items and take them to the auction.

Cessna L-19E

The Cessna L-19E Bird Dog is a military aviation aircraft that served as a liaison and observation aircraft. It was the first all-metal fixed-wing aircraft and enjoyed a long career with the U.S. military. Between 1950 and 1959, the United States Department of Defense ordered 3,200 L-19s to serve in various utility roles.

One of the aircraft that will be auctioned in this auction is a 1957 Cessna L-19E Bird Dog. This aircraft was used extensively by the United States military as a utility vehicle and is an impressive example of this model. This aircraft has been flown 7,656.2 hours and has the original French books.

The Cessna L-19E auction is taking place as part of a charity car auction. The proceeds of the auction will benefit the Armed Forces Foundation. The aircraft is valued at nearly $1 million. It was donated to the Armed Forces Foundation by Cessna Aircraft Company.

Dodge M37 truck

If you’re looking for a classic military truck, then the Dodge M37 is the truck for you. It’s a workhorse truck that spent most of its life in the Korean War. Though it was designed for workhorse use, the M37 has a long history of engine trouble. Its T245 flathead inline-six engine has a long stroke and short gearing that makes it difficult to pull heavy loads at low speeds. However, the M37’s large production numbers make it easy to find replacement parts.

This truck is also a great candidate for restoration. The 1962 Dodge M37 Power Wagon Pickup with manual transmission is an especially rare pickup truck that will make for a great restoration. It’s part of the Droog and Moser collection auction scheduled for June 3rd and 4th, 2022. The auction will feature a variety of vehicles, memorabilia, and petroliana.

The M37 began production in 1951. By the end of the war, a total of 63,000 M37s were in production. Then, in 1958, a new design was introduced, the M37B1. It was a very similar design to the M37, but had a lot of improvements. It also had a conventional pickup truck style bed, which replaced the platform-style bed. It shared its drivetrain with the WDX series civilian Power Wagon, but it did not share sheet metal.

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M37 Auction
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