23rd Street Pawn in Independence, MO

23rd street pawn is a pawn shop in Independence, Missouri. With a combined experience of over 30 years, the team offers an amazing selection of merchandise, and the prices are even better! Whether you are looking to sell your old TV or collectibles, 23rd street pawn has exactly what you are looking for.

139 East 23rd Street

There has been some buzz in the New York City neighborhood of Kips Bay about the possible redevelopment of a pawn shop on 139 East 23rd Street. The Modell Pawn Shop chain has been in business for 123 years, and recently filed plans for a new 15-story building.

The building would rise 155 feet, including 1,640 square feet of retail space on the ground floor. In addition to that, the building would house 13 apartments. The average apartment would be approximately 1,785 square feet. The building would also include a roof deck. Eric Modell is listed as the developer of the project. Apparently, he is developing the property himself. Several of his other properties in Manhattan are also in the planning stages.

Independence, MO

If you’re in the market for some fast cash, then you’ve come to the right place. 23rd Street Pawn is a top-rated pawn shop with a combined 30 years of experience. They have a huge selection of merchandise, and even better prices.

23rd Street Pawn is located in Independence, Missouri, and specializes in Pawnbroking. The company operates mostly within Independence, Missouri, but may also conduct business in other areas of the United States. Its owner is Orville Wilson, who resides in Fremont, California.

You can conduct business with the staff in English. The shop offers buy, sell, and trade services, and offers warranties. You can find a wide selection of jewelry, electronics, and tools at this pawn shop, including top brand tools. The prices here are very reasonable and the employees are friendly and helpful.

Model pawn shop chain

The Modell Pawn Shop chain has filed plans to expand into a 15-story building at 139 East 23rd Street in Kips Bay. The chain has been in business for 123 years. The new development would include a ground floor retail space of 1,640 square feet and would also have residential space of 23,211 square feet. Each apartment would be about 1,785 square feet and would feature a roof deck. Eric Modell is listed as the developer.

Les’ grandfather used to run a pawn shop in Los Angeles, which is why Les has the replica neon sign. The shop features a transsexual dominatrix trying to pawn her bondage gear. The pawn shop is also a place for a wheelchair-bound man to sell his disabled artificial leg. Les’ staff are also trained to protect themselves in case of a violent attack, which makes a pawning of a wheelchair impossible.

Gun shop at 23rd street pawn

The Gun shop at 23rd street pawnd has over 30 years of experience and an incredible selection of merchandise. With a great selection comes even better prices, so don’t hesitate to check out this place. You will be glad you did. The employees here are extremely knowledgeable and friendly.

The gun shop at 23rd street pawn is a licensed Federal Firearms Licensee in the state of Missouri. Their license number is 543-XXX-XXX-13003. You can look up their license on ATF eZ Check to make sure they are legitimate.


There are many reasons to choose 23rd Street Pawn. This local pawn shop has over 30 years of experience and a huge selection of merchandise. Their prices are great too! They have the lowest interest rates around and will work with any budget. Plus, you can get cash in as little as 24 hours.

Many people choose 23rd Street Pawn because of their friendly staff and fast service. With a combined experience of over 30 years, they know the business and their prices are very competitive. This pawn shop also has a huge inventory and a great selection of merchandise. And if you need a quick loan, they are a great place to go!

Deals at 23rd street pawn

23rd street pawn is a pawn shop in Independence, MO that provides cash and deals for people who need it. The owners and employees of this pawn shop are very kind and generous. The prices at 23rd street pawn are competitive, and you will find a lot of high-quality items in this store.

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