How to Find a Pawnbroker

If you’re looking for a pawnbroker in Kalispell, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s some helpful information to help you get started: First of all, there’s a simple way to report a pawn shop in your area. You can do this through Leads Online.

Leads Online

In order to protect its citizens from stolen goods, the city of Kalispell has created an ordinance requiring all pawn shops to register their inventory with LeadsOnline, an online database of stolen goods. The ordinance requires pawn shops to list items worth $50 and more. The police will have access to the information in LeadsOnline, which they can use to search for stolen goods and help identify the owners.

Police in Kalispell have used the Leads Online system since 2012, and in that time, they have recovered thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods. In the past year alone, the service has helped police recover firearms and tools, as well as more than $16,000 worth of stolen jewelry. In addition, the system has also helped police bring charges against several suspects.

The software would connect businesses in the Kalispell area to the Kalispell Police Department. It also would let stores and pawn shops log new inventory on a daily basis. Pawn shop owners are concerned about the legislation, and they will be at break-out sessions in the coming weeks to voice their concerns.

The company has three hundred police officers registered on LeadsOnline. One of the officers is Deborah Jones, who is responsible for recovering stolen items and investigating crimes. She works under the supervision of Lt. Jonathan Josey. In addition to pawn shop owners, there are several other law enforcement agencies that use the system.

Police use LeadsOnline to track down a suspect in a burglary case. The database allows people to list their valuables by serial number, photos, and scans of receipts. When someone steals something from a pawn shop, they can print out the details to assist the police.


Whether you need money quickly or you need a loan for a big purchase, a pawnbroker in Kalispell can help. These stores evaluate your items and offer loans up to the value of the items. The pawnbrokers make their money through interest and reselling the items.

One pawnbroker in Kalispell has increased security measures to combat theft. Until recently, a few items were stolen from the shop. Then, the thefts started to increase, and the store began implementing a screening procedure. Now, customers are required to have a thumb print and photo taken before they can enter the store. These photos are then stored in a computer database.

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How to Find a Pawnbroker
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