Neds Pawn Shop

Neds pawn shop is a unique pawnshop in Chicago, offering an unusual collection of items. In addition to jewelry, the store also has collectibles, rare items, and antiques. The shop is located in a well-kept neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago, so visitors can feel comfortable entering and browsing through its collection.

Unique pawnshop

If you are looking for a pawn shop that stands out from the crowd, you should try Neds Pawn Shop in Chester, Pennsylvania. This shop has been around since 1921. In fact, it is one of the oldest in the United States, with its predecessor, Carver W. Reed, being established in Philadelphia in 1860. The current owners have owned the business since 1948. They first opened the shop on 69th Street in Philadelphia. Since then, they have had four additional locations. In the 1980s, Myerson sold the properties, but he kept the 69th Street location. After his children grew up, they weren’t interested in the 69th Street location.

In addition to being a great place to sell your unwanted items, Neds Pawn Shop also offers jewelry and other valuables for a reasonable price. Customers who come in to this shop can expect to find quality brand name items at a fair price. They also offer prompt service.

Variety of items offered

Neds Pawn Shop is a great place to find a large selection of quality items at affordable prices. The shop specializes in electronics such as laptops and iPads, as well as jewelry and top brand tools. You can also find sports equipment, musical instruments, and firearms. The store is a locally owned pawnbroker.

Chicago location

With no frills, this no-frills pawn shop pays cash for valuable items. They stock a variety of watches, guitars, cameras, and electronics. Many customers are pleasantly surprised by how quickly their valuables can be sold for cash. The store also offers free appraisals.

This location specializes in buying and selling gold and silver jewelry. They also buy electronics, including TVs, computers, and home theatres. Additionally, they carry top-brand tools, work radios, musical instruments, sporting equipment, and more. Whether you’re looking for a bargain or need cash for valuable items, a Neds Pawn Shop Chicago location has what you’re looking for.

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Neds Pawn Shop
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