Pawn Shops in Gallup New Mexico

If you’re looking for pawn shops in Gallup, New Mexico, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need cash, jewelry, or some cash to pay for a new car, you can find a pawn shop that caters to your needs. Using our search tool, you can narrow your search by category or travel destination.

Navajoland pawnbrokers

Navajoland pawnshops provide safekeeping for personal belongings while making small collateral loans. The items are typically held for months or even years. Whether you want to sell a piece of jewelry, buy a piece of pottery, or just get a loan, a pawnshop may be a good place to go.

This western town is located along the scenic byway I-40, which is a stretch of Route 66. This city is known for its Native population and high rate of alcohol consumption. The city is situated near the Navajo Nation, which is part of the United States.

The town of Gallup is the economic heart of the Navajo Nation. There are around 173,000 people living in the area. During the weekends, a huge population of Navajo shoppers enters the town. This means the city is busy.

Until the 1970s, Navajo trading posts accepted pawns. Traditionally, Navajo families would pawn family heirlooms and valuables to be safe. The pawn business is still prevalent on the Navajo Reservation, though some Navajo families have stopped using it.

Navajoland pawnshops

You’ll see plenty of signs promoting pawn shops in Navajoland as you pass through the town of Gallup. Along the railroad tracks and rusted warehouse buildings, the downtown area has a unique character. Signs feature illustrated arrows and chiefs, and read “Richardson’s Cash Pawn.”

A pawn shop is basically a bank that accepts valuable items in exchange for cash. Navajo and Zuni people use pawnshops to store valuable personal goods in exchange for loans. The shops allow borrowers to borrow small amounts of money, usually for a small interest rate. In turn, these stores hold on to these items for months or even years. Consequently, these pawn shops can build up a diverse selection of items over time.

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Pawn Shops in Gallup New Mexico
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