Union City Pawn & Jewlery

Union City Pawn & Jewlery is a local pawn shop that is located at 4791 Jonesboro Rd, Suite 2B. It is a pawn shop that has been in business since 2012. This business is rated 3.7 stars out of 5 stars by 12 customers. It offers both delivery and in-store shopping services.

pawn shop owner charged with burglary

The Union City pawn shop owner is now facing several charges, including burglary. Detectives canvassed the neighborhood and interviewed several people for leads. They also conducted a search at several pawn shops in the county. The stolen property totaled $135,885, and detectives have recovered some of it. They are continuing to investigate other pawn shop burglaries and thefts in the complex.

Police say the burglary took place on Dec. 27. The pawn shop owner was robbed of about $5,080 in jewelry, including necklaces and bracelets. Hall was arrested and is being held in Cambria County Prison for burglary at the Scalp Level. Campbell, who was involved in the theft in Windber, was free on unsecured bail. Both Hall and Campbell face burglary, criminal conspiracy, and receiving stolen property charges.

pawn shop owner charged with receiving stolen property from burglary

A Union City pawn shop owner has been charged with receiving stolen property from burglaries. Authorities say he was working with notorious property crimes offenders. A search of his shop revealed more than $7,500 worth of merchandise, including several guns and ammunition. The items were in their original packaging and were stolen from various locations, including Walmart, Target, and Lowes. Agents also seized $88,000 in cash.

According to the police report, Perkins allegedly asked his employee Robert MacDonald to photograph used items from his basement and upload them to an eBay account titled “bestdeals4you603”. The pawn shop owner claimed that he received the money for “tax reasons” and hid all account information in a computer file. MacDonald’s testimony was key to the case because it helped the police track down the pawn shop.

Hall was later caught on surveillance video fleeing the scene. Both men possessed stolen property from a nearby pawn shop. Hall had a dark blue Chrysler 300 M that had been used in the burglary. The police reported the incident on Feb. 9.

Locations of pawn shops in Union City

Union City has a number of pawn shops where you can buy and sell various items. These shops offer great prices and deals on many different items. Some of them also specialize in buying and selling car radios. These shops have a good reputation and serve the community well.

There are many options for people who need cash fast. One of the most popular options is to go through a pawn shop. You can use a website to find locations in your area. The online versions of these sites offer contact information and maps. These websites also offer detailed information about each pawn shop.

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Union City Pawn & Jewlery
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